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What is Pizza Anywere!

The Pizza Anywhere is a truly portable pizza oven, that you can take camping, caravanning, picnicking, or use at home. It works on a convection oven basis, although it has ‘open’ sides.

It consists of a stainless steel base (outer ring), with a mild steel inner ring to secure the briquettes or wood. It has three feet that ensure that the coals get sufficient oxygen, as well as three uprights that hold the lid in place.

It also has a foldable ‘cross member’ that supports the pizza pan, and of course the lid that provides the convection that ensures you have plenty of heat to make crispy pizzas.

Once folded down, the Pizza Anywhere is stored in a canvas bag. The bag has a pocket sewn in on the inside to store the uprights and legs once the pizza oven has been folded down. 

The entire unit weighs 3.2 Kg.

Making Pizza

Making the pizza

The base – You can use either traditional dough (thin of course), or if you don’t want the hassle of having to make the dough and roll it out, one can use wraps. 

If you are using dough, put a light dusting of flour on the pan before you put your base in the pan (this ensures that the base does not stick to the pan). Now spread tomato puree onto your base, but ensure that it is spread very thinly.

Grate some mozorella cheese and spread it evenly on the base, and you now have the basic pizza base complete. This is when it comes down to personal choices, as you can now add bacon, ham, salami, feta cheese, spinach, prawns, etc.

One thing to note though, when building your pizza, less is more. Putting too many ingredients on your pizza is not a smart idea. The reason is that your base will be cooked (crispy), but your ingredients may not be cooked properly (your cheese may not be melted through etc)

Getting the pizza oven fired up – slot in the feet of the Pizza Anywhere from beneath, place the inner ring inside the stainless steel base, slot in the uprights from the top, and place the cross member on the inner ring.

Break up two firelights and place in your braai or on the ground if you’re camping. Put about 20-25 briquettes around the firelighters and wait for them to get red hot. Once burning nicely, place one layer of briquettes in the ring of the pizza anywhere. I usually place 4-5 in the middle of the ring (on the floor) to ensure that the center of the pizza gets a little heat and ensures that the middle of the pizza is also cooked through. Place your pizza pan with your pizza on the cross member, and place the lid on the uprights.

When using dough, your pizza should take 9-10 minutes to cook, Using wraps is a little quicker, about 6-7 minutes, so keep an eye on your pizza.

What our fantastic customers say

M De Cafmeyer – ‘We made awesome valentines pizzas with the Pizza Anywhere pizza maker’

F Metz – ‘WOW’

J Steyn – ‘It works excellent. Enjoy every moment, money well spent’

S Riders – ‘Now with all this load-shedding going on, it needn’t disrupt your way of life or even the food you eat. For a great pizza in the dark or even in the light’

A Flack – ‘I used mine the past weekend, and landed up making pizzas for everyone. The kids just kept buying bases. It works like a charm and very easy to use’

A Hartog – ‘My dad made pizzas for me on my visit from London. He used wraps as pizza bases so they were ultra crisp and delicious! A load-shedding essential!’

C Diemondt – ‘Tried the oven this weekend and I am very happy’

M Moir – ‘Love love love our Pizza Anywhere – such a fantastic idea for camping and taking on holiday with you as an alternative to braaing’

L Fourie – ‘Amazing! great design’


The Pizza Anywhere retails at R1995 (including 1 pan)

Additional pans can be ordered from Pizza Anywhere at R60 each, alternately you can purchase them from the Crazy Store. Also for R60.

Phone: 083 326 6657